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If you have problems with logging in, please check the following:

User name and password

Please note that both the user name and password are case sensitive so you must enter them exactly as given.

Browser's cookie settings

The use of family register and other restricted services does not require cookies but browsing is made easier by saving so called session cookies e.g. from the last searched family member so that it is possible to return to recently accessed pages. To be able to benefit from these features, the browser must allow use of "cookies". Cookies are pieces of information saved on your computer's hard disk.

You can check your browser's cookie settings by doing the following (the default for all modern browsers is that the kinds of cookies used e.g. on this site are allowed, so if you know that you have not changed the default settings, you can ignore the following):

NOTE: You can log out from the member services pages simply by closing the browser windows. Your login information is not saved anywhere so you need to enter your user name and password each time a session is lost.

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